Tips for business owners

How do I find my business on Yowzit?

1. Search for your business in the search tab at the top of the page
2. Select your business 
3. This is your Yowzit listing, feel free to manage your page by claiming your business

What if I don’t find my business on Yowzit:

Worry not, simply:

1. Click the “AddBusiness” tab on the bottom of the Yowzit page
2. Fill out the necessary information
3. Click submit
4. Don’t forget to claim your page after you submit

How do I claim my business page?

1. Log into your account or click on register to create an account if you haven’t already
2. Search for your business
3. Once you’ve found your business, open your business page
4. Click ‘Claim this business’ tab
5. Complete the necessary information
6. Submit! Your business has now been claimed
7. Once your submission has been approved, the page is yours

How do I view a review written on my business?

1. Log into your account
2. Go to your business listing on Yowzit either by using the search tab or through the relevant category pages.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view your reviews

How do I respond to a review?

1. Log into your Yowzit account
2. Go to your business listing on Yowzit either by using the search tab or through the relevant catergory pages.
3. Scroll down to the review that you would like to respond to
4. Click on the ‘comments’ tab and you will be directed to a page where you can submit your comment

Tips on how to get the best out of Yowzit

Once you have claimed your business you are able to do the following:

• Change images/logos

• Update important information such as your business hours and phone numbers

• Customize your description

• Measure visitor activity on your page

• Respond to reviews both publicly and privately as the business owner

• Convert visitors into customers

Business tools to grow your business and strengthen your brand on Yowzit.

• Respond to Reviews

You'll want to read every single review, but more than that, you'll actually want to respond to them as well. If you find there's a really bad review under your description, don't get angry, just respond. If not for that person, but for the people reading the review later on. They'll see you responded and will have a more favourable opinion of you.

• Do Request Real Reviews

The more customers who review your business the more exposure you get. It's that simple. Place “Review us Yowzit” on your receipts and ask us for a sticker/flyer for your establishment. Some places even ask the customer upon leaving to kindly review them on Yowzit.com if they'd like to. Be active, as honest reviews from your customers will help future customers find you.

• Don't Fake Reviews

We strongly discourage businesses from trying to create false reviews. Yowzit is a great place for your restaurant, hotel, bar, club, clinic etc to increase brand awareness but it must be authentic to work. Let’s play.

• Do Be Interactive

Business Pages are FREE to utilize so it's not about “Return on Investment”, it's about your “Return on Time Investment” instead. The more time you put into interacting with our users the more reward you get as you stay top of mind, increase your footfall and get people talking and discussing your business. Offer exclusive deals to our members, update your events, comment on people's reviews and stay in touch with your target demographic.

• Don't Freak Out

Your business touches hundreds of lives daily and not everyone is going to be a happy customer, you know that. Both your happy and unhappy customers use social networks to share their views and experiences. While the rave reviews encourage you as a business, negative reviews should not freak you out. People pay thousands for surveys, on YaDig you get this information for free and the opportunity to act on it too!

• Do Learn and Improve

If 5 people have said that your bread is stale, you need to change the bread immediately. This is an example of the invaluable data you get here.What could be greater than your customers telling you directly what they love or hate about your business for free? Make smart moves with YaDig.com.

• Do Turn Negative into Positive

Most of the time, a call from an apologetic sounding business owner suffices to turn a 1-star review into a 4-star. As a business owner, you can send your customers private messages talking to them on a personal level and showing your care for them. It leaves a very lasting impression with the customer and wholly changes your brand perception. Besides putting you in a better position with your customer, listening to their concerns also makes you realize that it's the customer who actually drives your business. Stay in touch with YaDig For Businesses.

Tips on how to respond to reviews

As a business owner you should not ignore the conversations that are happening about your business online. While most reviews on Yowzit are three stars or higher, every business will likely receive negative feedback at some point, because it's impossible to please 100 percent of the people you deal with 100 percent of the time. With that in mind, we have put together some of our best practices for handling critical feedback:

• Start with good customer service:

We recently did a study that found that Yowzit reviews that mention "good" or "great" customer service are more than 5 times as likely to give a 5 star review rather than a 1 star. Although it may seem simple, we find that the most successful businesses place an emphasis on making sure their customers feel great after they walk out the door.

• Don't lose your cool:

Stay calm and take some time to think about what customer service policies you have in place in the offline world and apply that same logic when dealing with online reviewers. If you find yourself getting too emotional over your reviews, you may not be the best person to respond. Try appointing an office manager, or employee you trust as the point person to manage your online reviews.

• Respond diplomatically:

We understand that it's never easy to receive critical feedback, but we feel the best responses are those that are handled diplomatically. Business owners can choose to respond publicly or privately, but either way, we recommend taking the high road.

• Implement feedback:

Online reviews can help savvy business owners figure out what they're doing well, and what they can improve on. Many business owners regularly print out Yowzit reviews and bring them to weekly staff meetings in order to share them with their employees and implement constructive feedback accordingly.