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Internet Service Providers in South Africa

Rate & review the best Internet Service Providers in South Africa. Choose from over 30 Internet Service Providers. Let's improve the quality of service in South Africa

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Top 10 Internet Service Providers in South Africa

Afrihost in Johannesburg
" Afrihost has consistently been giving excellent service through the years and the many testimonials on their website is proof of this. They are a good example of how a... " - Iselle McCalman
4.3 (13)
Neotel (Cedar Square) in Johannesburg
" When I acquired the service the data speed was incredible, over the last several months this has deteriorated to such an extent that I have requested service cancellation. It also... " - Warren Hero
2.5 (6)
Web Africa in Cape Town
" If there was a ZERO on the Rating scale, after today's drama, that would have been their rating. Stupidity brought our internet platform down for 4 hours. This is not... " - PramodMohanlal
1.3 (7)
Uniwebserve Web Hosting (Cape Town) in Cape Town
" Uniwebserve offers low cost web hosting and a free web page design to get you started. This is a great value option to new clients who are looking to put... " - Phil
5.0 (2)
Freehostrunner.com (Global) in Johannesburg
" This free web hosting company is the best I have come across. They provide excellent support even if you 000freehost customer. I would recommend this free hosting company to... " - suzan tang
5.0 (1)
" best VoIP providers for small business. the affordable unlimited calling plan offers. " - JEANNIE MAY
5.0 (1)
" SKT Themes creates unique WordPress themes which are unique in their designs and give a new and fresh look and feel to your website. " - Anna Aldea
4.9 (2)
" Axxess sells and supports, simple and affordable ADSL Internet services to the broader South African consumer and SME markets. I had been with my previous ISP for 10 years plus,... " - Darren Smith
4.5 (2)
Neotel (Cape Town) in Cape Town
" We use Neotel, and what I like about them is that it's so convenient and cheap. But the only problem I have is that a lot of the time, I... " - Rashieda Parker
4.3 (1)
MWEB (Cresta) in Johannesburg
" when ever i walk pass this store the staff is amazing..they are friendly n helpful .they know there products well and are always smiling to assist me with... " - salma mansuri
4.1 (3)

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