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Spices and Condiments in Durban

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Top 10 Spices and Condiments in Durban

Gorimas (Gateway) in Durban
" This litlle spice shop is tucked away in a hidden corner at Gateway. They sell a myriad of spices; indian condiments and sweetmeats. I recently tried their burfee and... " - ZeeZee
4.5 (10)
Gorimas (Pavilion) in Durban
" As with all Gorima's shops, the delightful smell as you pass by is enough to draw you in. They have a wide array of the best spices you need... " - Gloria Strydom
4.5 (2)
" when eva i visit durban haribhais is a must .i can remember that name from childhood as my parents should shop there ...till today mom takes me there for shopping... " - salma mansuri
4.4 (3)
Sahara Spices (Davenport Square) in Durban
" I have never been disappointed with the spices i purchase at sahara spices and the service is excellent. The owners are extremely friendly and ever ready to help " - Umeshnie
4.3 (3)
Spiceworld (Chatsworth Centre) in Durban
" I bought the kashmiri masala bt it has whole cloves in it so the nxt tym i buy must i buy the kashmiri chillie powder " - razia kader
3.9 (2)
Chohans Spice (Sea Cow Lake)  in Durban
" just down the road from my parents house...ramadhaan n eid shopping is where we run to here.....u can by wholesale n retail...they also offer a courier service to jozi as... " - salma mansuri
3.8 (2)
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Spice Emporium (Gateway) in Durban
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