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Kitchen Republic (Bellville) in Bellville
" At 9 o'clock this morning we had a drunken "car guard" singing Mammy Blue to us on the little centre island in Northumberland Road, either trying to get rid of... " - Pepe Stedman
4.8 (2)
Kolnicks Stores (Pty) Ltd in Bellville
" If I could rate the staff a 10 I would!! "Oom Halls" served me. He is named Oom Halls because of the amount of Halls sweets he consumes!! I wanted... " - Pepe Stedman
4.8 (1)
Creative Talents (Bellville) in Bellville
" I saw this red painted tin factory and couldnt understand why people were going inside all the time. Curiousity prevailed and I walked into this absolutely beautiful warehouse. It is... " - Pepe Stedman
4.8 (1)
Mambo's Plastics Warehouse (Bellville) in Bellville
" In the half an hour that we visited this shop the manager never put the phone down once so I cannot really comment on the staff friendliness. What I can... " - Pepe Stedman
4.1 (2)
Habby for Africa (Bellville) in Bellville
" The first thing I found in this discount warehouse was scarf hangers. I can hang 40 of my scarves for R75-00. I was thrilled!! I bought 3 of them so... " - Pepe Stedman
4.0 (1)

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