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Top 10 Motor Services in South Africa

Battery Centre (Randburg) in Johannesburg
" I needed a battery for one of the cars; it's one of the signs of winter when old batteries "complain" in the early morning (its also one of the signs... " - Abdul Karriem Dawood
4.7 (6)
Minty's Tyres (Rosebank) in Johannesburg
" I desperately needed to change my tyres after a round of golf, two saturday's ago. With barely a couple of minutes to closure, Mohammed and the team, assisted me without... " - PramodMohanlal
4.6 (9)
Mintys Tyres (Sandton) in Johannesburg
" Premium service and excellence. Thank you and keep up the good work:-) Jacob (VCW281GP) " - Jacob
4.6 (7)
Kwik-Fit (Northcliff) in Johannesburg
" Always go the extra mile to assist the customer. Staff very helpful and pleasant. Tyres nuts are tightened to correct torque. Balance tyres, wheel alignment and nitrogen. Check to... " - Derek Crouch
4.6 (6)
Wizard Midas (Blackheath) in Johannesburg
" Magic - full house score to Wizard Midas. After snapping the clutch cable on my trusty Nissan 1400 (Navara Lite !)[I was given ample warning through a scratchy clutch action... " - Mark Duncan
4.5 (6)
" After encountering a 'flat' - fortunately at home, in daylight, in sunny weather, on a level surface, changed the wheel, and took the offending wheel and tyre in to TWT... " - Mark Duncan
4.5 (6)
BP (14th Avenue)  in Johannesburg
" Although this BP has a great, clean forecourt, the BP shop puts the petrol to shame. I have yet to come across a better - run BP shop than this... " - Mark Duncan
4.4 (8)
Shell (Barry Hertzog Ave) in Johannesburg
" This station is well run and is permanently busy. It has a little debonaire Pizza place and a fair sized convenient store. The staff are efficient and well trained.... " - PramodMohanlal
4.1 (13)
Caltex (Rosebank) in Johannesburg
" Located on Jan Smuts Ave in Illovo, the small petrol station is busy. The one thing I worry about though, is the safety at night. " - PramodMohanlal
3.8 (7)
Engen (Rosebank) in Johannesburg
" On Wednesday, last week, I was really pressed for time and in desperate need for petrol. We are so used to petrol attendants serving us within seconds, that 5 minutes... " - PramodMohanlal
3.6 (14)

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