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Top 10 Johannesburg Civil Society

" I always love the networking aspect of this community of practice. In particular, I enjoyed the discussion with Livity - it seems as if we are at a similar stage... " - Pramod
4.6 (24)
" It was humbling being part of this workshop. I was amazed at the diversity of projects and approaches to implementing CBM. Things we need to consider going forward:... " - Pramod
4.4 (26)
MAVC COPZA Feb 2016 in Johannesburg
" I enjoyed the peer-to-peer learning from the case studies. Future events need to have more engagement around some of the projects. " - Pramod
4.4 (21)
" TAC working with stakeholders like Yowzit,AIDS councils, ward committees, clinic committees and other organisations like ibis,life line,PWN make the strong and rich voice , that is spread across various disadvantaged... " - Steven
4.5 (1)
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