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Top 10 Live Shows in South Africa

Rock Circus in Johannesburg
" Wow! This show was amazing and my most favourite of all the Barnyard shows I have been to. Very entertaining and tastefully and delightfully so. Such awesome talent, I'd go... " - Nicola
5.0 (1)
" As an early Festive Season treat, joined the family to see Swan Lake on Ice at the Teatro at Montecasino. One eagerly anticipates a world class entertainment experience from The... " - Diane Duncan
4.8 (1)
Cinderella on Ice in Sandton
" Recently enjoyed immensely as a super 'Christmas treat' from my nearest and dearest, Pieter Toeriens "Cinderella on Ice" at the Teatro at Montecasino with a group of family and friends.... " - Mark Duncan
4.5 (2)
"V" in Johannesburg
" 'V' - as this Very good (excellent), Vigourous, Variety show unfolds over 90 minutes of high energy performance, one is progressively impressed by the high quality of performance - dance,... " - Mark Duncan
4.3 (1)
Defending The Caveman in Johannesburg
" It is sometimes taken for granted that men are supposed to understand women and due to this presumption or expectation, many relationships or marriages fail, simply because of the lack... " - Nicola
4.3 (1)
Blood Brothers in Sandton
" A great story, at last brought to South Africa, brilliantly 'South Africanised' by Dawid Kramer of "Tekkies" VW fame. Actors performed with great passion and a high degree of professionalism... " - Mark Duncan
4.0 (1)
Big Top Rock in Johannesburg
" I love going to the Barnyard Theatre, this was a very enjoyable show but not as nice as Rock Circus, which I enjoyed more. However, if you haven't been to... " - Nicola
4.0 (1)
" Janice Honeyman should be congratulated in pulling this (very challenging) production to realisation. Not only did she contend with the elaborate sets, the fact that every performer needed to be... " - Mark Duncan
3.0 (2)

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