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High Street Boutiques in South Africa

Rate & review the best High Street Boutiques in South Africa. Choose from over 28 High Street Boutiques. Let's improve the quality of service in South Africa

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Top 10 High Street Boutiques in South Africa

Kamdari (Chatsworth Centre) in Durban
" selection, price, service and a one of a kind in this shop from chains to shoes to bridal accessories. i have picked up many gems at this store and recommend... " - Nasika Arthi Baijnath
5.0 (1)
Thomas Pink (Hyde Park) in Johannesburg
" Thomas Pink is one of the finest brands in the world and their shirts are of the best quality. I've been wearing Thomas Pink shirts for the past couple of... " - PramodMohanlal
4.5 (3)
Designer East (Chatsworth Centre) in Durban
" Got my wedding stuff sorted , wonderful boutique and close by . " - Junaid hamid
4.5 (1)
" Although I am hardly qualified to assess a shop of this kind, I thought it was intriguing enough to mention. In my better half's quest to find a particular accessory,... " - Mark Duncan
4.4 (2)
" Called in to browse recently. Certainly adds some colour and 'spice' / differentiation of a different kind to the Parkhurst scene, through offering a shop full of quality 'pre owned'... " - Mark Duncan
4.3 (3)
Burberry (OR Tambo) in Johannesburg
" Amazing clothing for men and women. Pity they are so expensive that makes you think before you can purchase. The quality is the best I've seen. It's really worth a... " - Star
4.3 (1)
Jag Club (Rosebank) in Johannesburg
" I hate it when a high end fashion store which sells a single pair or shoes for 5 digit figures tells you that the credit card machine dies not work... " - Saadiq
4.0 (2)
Sabah Collection (Chatsworth Centre) in Durban
" Terrible actually I find them to be dishonest and they definitely do not follow the South African consumer protection act. It makes their merchandise and business principles questionable??? When their... " - Tanusha
2.8 (1)
Burberry (Hyde Park) in Johannesburg
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0.0 (0)
Memsaab (Gateway) in Durban
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