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Top 10 Museums in South Africa

Robben Island Museum in Cape Town
" I have visited Robben Island during a December period on holiday in the Western Cape. It was a fascinating, memorable yet sad experience! It was good to visually experience a... " - Zakkiyah Salejee
4.4 (23)
Apartheid Museum (Johannesburg) in Johannesburg
" I think every South African should see what the museum has to offer, not just tourists. " - Desiree Le Roux
4.4 (17)
The Big Hole (Kimberley) in Kimberley
" I last visited the Big-hole in 2004, and it's pleasing to note that this micro diamond village has undergone a multi-million Rand revamp. There's no longer a gravel parking-lot next... " - Abdul Karriem Dawood
4.4 (8)
Natal Museum in Pietermaritzburg
" Not many people know about this museum, one of South Africa's greatest museums, a cultural and natural history museum, a room completely about KwaZulu Natal history. They have a... " - Jessica
5.0 (1)
District Six Museum in Cape Town
" The District Six Museum is magnificent in its sincerity and modesty As stated on the museums website: "The Museum represents a living memorial and is more than just... " - Peter Williams
4.5 (5)
L. Ron Hubbard Heritage Site on Linksfield Ridge in Johannesburg
" As you enter the property, the first thing that pop out your eyes - the view! Though the guide warns you to keep breathing while you enter . .... " - Puneet
4.5 (2)
Kimberley Railway Museum in Kimberley
" This was a nice visit. I enjoyed, seeing, feeling, and touching the steam locomotive, and of course climbing up into the Driver's cab. When I worked in Kimberley a long... " - Abdul Karriem Dawood
4.4 (2)
" I like viewing historical artefacts, and when my GPS reflected this museum (following a search for museums), I was already half-thrilled at the prospect. As I love aircraft, I went... " - Abdul Karriem Dawood
4.3 (1)
Museum Africa (Newtown) in Johannesburg
" Last been to the Museum a number of years ago. It was very geared up for kids, and adults too. " - popeye101
4.1 (2)
" Situated adjacent to the Johannesburg Zoo, on the high eastern flank, the Museum of Military History (known in years gone by as "The War Museum", has static displays of South... " - Mark Duncan
3.8 (1)

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