About Yowzit

Yowzit is an internet and mobile platform where customers and businesses can share real experiences, helping businesses grow and rapidly improving the quality of customer experience. Yowzit provides consumers with a way of sharing real experiences about products and services, via their computer, tablets and mobile apps. But any reports that contain hurtful or racial statements will be deleted immediately. Yowzit is not designed as a platform for vicious slander - it is designed as a highly sophisticated and economical way for Companies Who Respond to deliver the service that they profess to provide. Customers seeking a product or service can find top-rated businesses in twenty seven categories, and companies looking to illustrate their good service can use the platform as a way to stand out. Listed companies can also use the platform to advertise targeted special offers, receive immediate feedback about service at widely dispersed establishments, and benchmark their service with others in the category.

The Yowzit initiative is unique to the country specific consumer environment, as consumers will be encouraged to share their everyday experiences with all products and services, qualifying them for the maximum benefits on targeted special offers, etc, offered by many of the listed businesses on the portal.

Yowzit currently operates in 6 countries including, South Africa, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius & Ghana.

If you need more information about Yowzit, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or contact our global MD at [email protected] and we'd gladly assist.