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Knitting Supplies in South Africa

Rate & review the best Knitting Supplies in South Africa. Choose from over 3 Knitting Supplies. Let's improve the quality of service in South Africa

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Top 10 Knitting Supplies in South Africa

Kismet Yarns Factory Wool Shop (North Riding) in Johannesburg
20779   3   0   2
" Terrible service, the staff are too unhappy to even greet when you enter the store - the lady behind the counter just plays with her phone - no customer service... " - Tara
3.6 (7)
Elna (Shelly Beach Centre) in Durban
1125   1   0   0
" Cute and cosy 'grannies shop' - for all those who sew and knit and generally do homecrafts with needles and more, the perfect little supply store, with advice galore. Perfect... " - Mark Duncan
4.5 (1)
Arthur Bales (Linden) in Johannesburg
5048   1   0   0
" I wish this shop would open on a Sunday!! I spend so much time at work during the week, use Saturdays to buy everything I need and would love... " - Tracey Taylor
4.3 (5)

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